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Q1 2018



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Navigate through DefyU’s kingdom and explore the different regions of the world, all of which promise glory and demise. While fantasy sports strategy lies at the heart of this adventure, adrenaline and betrayal are also part of the challenge. Choose your allies well, and keep a close eye on your so-called friends. If you fail, your ego will be shattered to pieces, if you succeed, you will have made a name for yourself where countless others have failed to do so.


About the game

DefyU is a free-to-play fantasy football game that adds gaming and social elements, featuring addictive mini-games, a mysterious roulette, and destructive boosters. Altogether taking the sports fan through a fully immersive and interactive journey like never before. DefyU is being built for Android and iOS. At your fingertips will be some of the greatest leagues, such as LaLiga, Premier League and Champions League with access to some of the world's best players such as Messi, Cristiano, and Neymar. Not a football/soccer fan? Don't worry we plan to incorporate a variety of sports down the road such as NFL, NBA and Cricket. What are you waiting for? Join our 100K strong community!


  • MINI-GAMES: Your destiny is in your hands, winning the mini-games supply you with boosters that may be applied to your fantasy leagues. We’ve created “football style” classics of games like Arkanoid, Space invaders, Worms, Temple Run and several others. In addition to revamping classics, we've developed some of our very own unique and highly addictive mini-games such as Zombies Football.
  • MYSTERY ROULETTE: Up for an unpredictable adventure? You will have a chance at spinning the mystery roulette and earning a booster, once every 24 hours.
  • BOOSTERS: What to do with the boosters you earn through mini-games and the mysterious roulette? Betray your league mates by launching "attack" boosters in their direction, weakening their chances of winning the league. The vicious "bomb " booster for instance, red cards one of the 11 squad members belonging to your league mate. The "thief" booster, 'at random' steals one your league mates squad members which now belongs to you. Watch your back, and get your hands on immunity boosters such as the "shield" which blocks your "supposed" friends from attacking you. Not all boosters are destructive, some increase your spending salary and others allow special moves. Boosters may be used within private leagues formed by you and your friends.
  • PRIZES & EXPERIENCES: Top the leaderboard and get your hands on awesome prizes and experiences such as a PS4, an iPhone, or a meet and greet with a professional athlete.
  • NEWSFEED: One of your players scored a goal? You believe it was an unfair yellow card? You won your league? Imagine a feed where you and your friends post freely all day long on all things football.
  • CHAT: You no longer have to use a third party communication tool to keep up with your league mates. DefyU's in-app chat is the ultimate channel for trash talking with your league mates.
  • ADVANCED STATISTICS: DefyU has integrated advanced statistics on real-time of teams and players, all of which we believe to be an essential part of building your ultimate squad.
  • FREE TO PLAY: DefyU has shifted 180 degrees from the existing fantasy sports model, never allowing you to bet money. No cash entry fees, ever.


There are currently no trailers available for DefyU. Check back later for more or contact us for specific requests!




Selected Articles

  • "The social game that crosses reality and fiction."
    - CNN
  • "DefyU sets to be the biggest surprise of the season with it’s innovative product that has fired up passion amongst it’s thousands of followers who anxiously await its launch"
    - El Periódico
  • "DefyU redefines fantasy football"
    - El Confidencial

Official website
Official 'DefyU' website defyu.com.

About DefyU Technologies

DefyU is being developed by DefyU Technologies. We're a young, energetic, 11-person international team driven by our passion for video games and sports. We've accumulated countless hours of playtime in games such as FIFA, Civilization, Final Fantasy, Football Manager, and many others. Having been part of the community as players as well as content creators, we feel we’re in a unique position to use this experience to further evolve the sports gaming experience.

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More information on DefyU Technologies, our logo & relevant media are available here.

DefyU Credits

Roman Sandoval

Alvaro Abadia

Lasse Löpfe

Ricardo Gonzáles

Inés Sevilla

Marti Tapia

Javier Melo

Vanessa Henao

Juan Pablo Cappellin

Alberto Aranda





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